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My husband descends from George Hodges who married Mary Ann Keens and down through their son Henry.
The parentage of Henry's father George was a challenge to solve, the only clue was that George was in Australia in the 1820's.
In 1828 he was found in the Male Orphan School at Cabramatta eventually been claimed in 1830 by his mother Hannah Hodges and her common law husband, Henry Warren.
Hannah had arrived as a convict in 1827 on the Grenada with two male children, George being one the other was William.

                                                                        The Hodges

                   The Warrens

George and Hannah Hodges children

George Hodges

William Hodges/Warren


George Hodges was born 1803 at Essex England.
In 1823 he married Hannah O'Neil(l)
They had two children, George who was born in 1821 and William who was born whilst Hannah was in gaol in 1826.
In 1825 Hannah committed the crime of child stealing and was transported to Australia in 1827 on the Grenada bringing with her their two children.
Hannah arrived as Hannah Hodge and was described as being 5' 1" with a slightly pocked, ruddy complexion, she had brown eyes and black hair.

In 1826 whilst Hannah was in gaol her husband, George committed the crime of burglary. After receiving a life sentence he arrived in 1827 on the Marquis of Hastings .
George was described as having a ruddy to fair complexion, blue eyes and eyebrows that met. He had a scar on his upper lip, brown hair and was 5' 5" in height.
After arrival George was constantly in and out of trouble and received his final Ticket of Leave in 1850.

Hannah went on to partner Henry Warren.

Henry Warren was tried at Somerset Assizes Court on 30 March 1822 for shoplifting and was sentenced to 7 years arriving in Australia on the 9th March 1823 on the "Princess Royal."
He was described as 5' 8 1/4", ruddy and pockmarked complexion, sandy hair and hazel eyes. A scar over the right eyebrow and a scar on the back of the little finger of left his hand he was 21 years of age.

By 1829 Henry was in a relationship with Hannah Hodges, their daughter was Sarah Warren was born on the 26th April 1830 at Cobbity Narellan NSW.

By 1838 the family were residing at Goulburn where Henry followed the trade of hawker, gold miner and shoemaker. 

Henry died at Goulburn on the 23rd June 1876, an inquest was held into his death.

Hannah died on the 14th August 1891 at Currajong Parkes.

Hannah and Henry Warrens children

Sarah Warren

Jane Warren


Henry Warren

Matilda Warren

Louisa Warren

Elizabeth Warren

Rachel Warren

Susan Warren

Edward Warren


Thanks so much to Margaret Hall who descends from William Hodges/Warren.
Margaret gave me the lead on George Hodges and without her generosity in sharing I doubt I would have discovered him, the final link to the puzzle. 
Margaret you're the best!

Also to my friend Sheila Evans from England. Sheila made the trip to Essex Record Office and searched for information on the Hodges family. Sheila was able to put the family together for me. Thank you so much!


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