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   Elizabeth Warren


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Elizabeth WARREN  
Birth: abt 1843, Goulburn NSW
Death: 29 July 1929, Currajong NSW
Marr: 3 May 1873, Currafins near Forbes-Parkes
Spouse: John CLUCAS
Birth: abt 1833, Kirkmaken Isle of Man
Death: 24 March 1898, Parkes Hospital NSW
Spouse: Clive Clucas and Ann or Nancy Milerest


1. Jane Clucas  
Birth: 1864 Forbes NSW
Married: 1882 Parkes NSW
Spouse: John Henry NICHOLLS

2. William Clucas  
Birth: 1865 Forbes NSW
Death: 1905 Leichhardt NSW
Married: 1900 Newtown NSW
Spouse: Amy L HALL
Children: Ernest J Clucas born 1893 Leichhardt NSW
  Mabel M Clucas born 1895 Leichhardt married Henry D Pickett
  Alfred Clucas born 1899 Leichhardt NSW

3. Susan Clucas  
Birth: 1866, Forbes NSW
Death: 1946 Parkes NSW
Married: 1897, Forbes NSW
Spouse: Mathew C FOGARTY
Children: Mathew C Fogarty died 1931, Murwillumbah NSW
  Walter Fogarty died 1915, Chatswood NSW

4. James Clucas  
Birth: 1870, Forbes NSW
Death: 1951 Liverpool

5. Louisa Clucas  
Birth: 1872, Forbes NSW
Death: 1893, Parkes NSW

6. Ann Clucas  
Birth: 1873, Forbes NSW
Children: Lilian Clucas married Frederick Reynolds
  Ernest Clucas
  Frederick Clucas

7. Charles Edward Clucas  
Birth: 1878, Parkes NSW
Death: 1906, Carcoar NSW
Married: 1901, Peak Hill NSW
Spouse: May CAMPBELL

8. Alfred Arthur Clucas  
Birth: 1883 Forbes NSW
Married: 1911 Orange NSW
Death: 1944 Hornsby NSW
Spouse: Emma L M LLOYD

9. Frederick Robert Clucas  
Birth: 1886 Forbes NSW
Spouse: Jessie Sutherland SHERWOOD
Born: 6 May 1889 Gympie Queensland
Death: 29 Oct 1958
Children: Frederick Sutherland Clucas born 1914 Balmain NSW
  Isabell C Clucas born 1917 Balmain NSW

10. John Clucas  
Death: 1905 Parkes NSW

11. George Clucas  
Death: 1923 Hurstville NSW

12. Elizabeth Clucas  
Married: 1901 Lithgow NSW
Spouse: James RYAN



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