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   Edward Warren


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Edward Charles WARREN  
Birth: 1 November 1850, Binda NSW
Death: 1925, Crookwell NSW
Married: 1870, Goulburn NSW
Spouse: Louise Mary GUIHOT
Birth: 1850
Death: July 1921, Crookwell and District Cottage Hospital
Father: Malo Guillaume (William) Guihot (1824-1919)
Mother: Elizabeth Robertson (1829-1924)


1. Lewis William WARREN  
  1879, Goulburn NSW

2. John Alexander WARREN  
Birth: 1881, Crookwell NSW

3. Alice Frances WARREN  
Birth: abt 1876
Married: 1894, Crookwell NSW
Spouse: William ALDRIDGE
Children: Henry C ALDRIDGE 1894, Crookwell NSW
  Frederick G ALDRIDGE 1895, Crookwell NSW
  William H ALDRIDGE 1903, Crookwell NSW

4. Maud V WARREN  
Married: 1901, Crookwell NSW
Spouse: Robert C BILLINGHAM
Children: Eliza L BILLINGHAM 1902, Crookwell NSW
  William E BILLINGHAM  1909, Crookwell NSW

5. Rachel WARREN  
Marr: 1896, Crookwell NSW
Spouse: William RODGERS
Children: Maurice C RODGERS 1897, Gunning NSW
  Amy RODGERS 1899, Gunning NSW
  Annie C RODGERS 1901, Gunning NSW
  Louis W RODGERS 1902 Gunning NSW
  Rita I A RODGERS 1907, Crookwell NSW
  Clarice G RODGERS 1910 Gunning NSW
  John W RODGERS 1913, Crookwell NSW
  Myra F RODGERS 1915, Crookwell NSW
  Lloyd G RODGERS 1917, Crookwell NSW

6. Lachlan WARREN  
Death: 1972, Crookwell NSW
Married: 1901, Crookwell NSW
Spouse: Clara Florence EVANS
Children: Ethel Maud Warren married John Thomas Cooper
  Louis William WARREN

7. Amy Amelia McDonald WARREN  
Birth: abt 1889

4 January 1911, Crookwell NSW

Spouse: Augustus F SMITH

8. Alexander Jersey WARREN  
Married: 5 June 1918, Crookwell NSW
Spouse: Myrtle Priscilla COPELAND
Children: Bertram Selby 1819, Crookwell NSW



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